We’ve all been in those houses – where everything just feels like it fits right, effortlessly. You never really know if it was the innate skill of the owner or the work of an interior designer that pulled the space together. So let’s delve into the secrets of creating this effect in our own homes minus splurging on the interior designer.

1. Go inspo crazy:

If you haven’t already, join Pinterest. A lot of the décor pins one finds on Pinterest are linked to décor blogs or interior design sites. Accumulating these bits of inspiration and going back to see the common thread between them will help you understand your décor taste and wants. If Pinterest isn’t for you, purchase interior design magazines and make your own physical pin board at home by cutting and laying out your favourite finds.

2. Get the palette right:

Looking back at the pins you saved, do you notice a pattern in the colour scheme of any of the rooms? Most of the time there are neutral and bold colours working simultaneously to make the room come together. Whether it’s a feature wall in a bright shade with toned down surrounding walls and pops of colour coming through in the furniture or décor, many of these stylistic homes aren’t shy to play with colour combinations. When looking to put a room together, trying a combination of 3 or 4 colours is best. Remember to include colourful little knick knacks like pillows and book ends when deciding.

3. Splurge on a statement piece:

If there is one thing you are willing to put a little money behind, make sure it’s a statement piece that can be on display. A big, gorgeous couch beside skinny mid-century chairs paired with vibrant throw pillows is already a set up for a striking living room. Having too many small items makes the room feel cluttered but mixing large furniture with smaller pieces makes the room feel more balanced.

4. Mix and match styles:

Vintage and modern furniture work well to complement each other but can also give a home contrast, texture and charisma. The juxtaposing of different eras of furniture will instantly make a space more interesting. When mixing styles, having the accent piece in one style and the supporting furniture in another style helps achieve balance. For example, when looking to do up a dining room, having a large vintage dinner table surrounded by modern chairs gives the room the right kind of contrast.

5. Fake space:

There are a few tricks one can use to create the illusion of a bigger space:

  • Try investing in a length-way stripy rug to elongate the room.
  • Long curtains hanging from just below the ceiling all the way to the floor.
  • Using large mirrors in a room adds depth.
  • Install a clear glass shower so the bathroom feels larger.

6. Layer:

Layering gives texture to a home by using patterns against textures. Layering is one way to give an instant stylish feel to a home. Layering rugs such as a patterned piece over a sisal is one way to layer. This also helps insulate warmth. Layering patterns can seem tricky but the easiest way to do so is to use a range of pattern sizes and complimentary colours. If all else fails, mix different shades of one colour. Layering throws and pillows over a bed or couch is a great way to create warmth and style.

7. Balustrades, burglar bars and balconies:

When picking the style of these necessities, one can decide on the desired outcome by considering stylistic elements such as laser cut outs, different metal shapes or mixing other materials such as wooden steps or going for an all-black finish for a more minimalist effect. When considering these parts of a home, wrought iron is a great material to investing in as the longevity and strength of the metal is great and the style and design options are broad.

8. Invest in art:

The collecting of art isn’t a one day solve. Many décor enthusiasts pride themselves on the effort they put in to collecting the specific pieces of art in their homes. Don’t stick to one kind of art style as mixing them up especially on a gallery wall makes a huge stylistic impact.

Framing art can feel like a tricky task especially when it comes to picking frames but sticking to 2 or 3 colour frames and 2 simplistic styles is best.

These are some of the simplest ways to transform your home into a cozy and stylish space that you can feel proud of by being your own interior decorator. The most important thing to remember is to make it your space with the things you love filling it to make it feel like home.